When your roof shows signs of wear and tear, we will come visit your property to perform a thorough inspection. In this inspection, we determine and document the various needs of your roof and present the corresponding solutions to you. If you decide to replace your roof, we will walk you through the options to ensure we match the style and budget you prefer. After completing the installation of your new roof using the top-rated materials, we walk the roof with you to verify all your needs are met and you are satisfied with our work. You can take confidence in our commitment to stand by our work through our 10-year workmanship warranty and benefit from the limited lifetime manufacturer warranties on many roof materials. If your roof needs work and your budget doesn’t currently allow it, feel free to check out our financing partners to use a payment program, or consider adding a solar system to your house to get your new roof with no upfront costs.

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Roofing Repair

Oftentimes, when you discover a leak or notice issues with your roof, a simple repair will do the trick. You can simply call us up and a member of our team will come out and perform a thorough inspection to find the issue. We will explain the solutions and after we complete the work, you can take comfort in knowing we provide a 2-year labor warranty on repairs.

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Insurance Information

We have experience working with insurance companies to make sure you are getting the most insurance coverage for your roof work. We understand that roofs aren’t cheap and filing an insurance claim can be an extensive process, so we will assist you through this process to make sure you receive all the coverage you deserve.

The ROVA Process


You decide you have roofing needs you want explored.


You contact Rova Roofing. (There’s a form at the bottom of this page) or you can call 480-532-8791


Meet at your residence to evaluate roofing needs. We pay you a visit at your home to meet you, pet your dog, and conduct a roof evaluation to determine the various options you have.


We work up an estimate based off your preferences and send it your way for review and approval.


Then benefit from our wholesale rate as we order the materials for your job. We pass the savings directly to you!


We coordinate with you to schedule our professional crews and relevant equipment needs.


Our crew completes your project. You get confidence that we stand by our work as we back it up with solid warranties.


You enjoy a new roof, higher property value, and the quiet assurance knowing you can stop worrying about roofing issues for years to come.

Payment Program

We understand that not everyone has the money sitting around to pay for a new roof when one is needed. As a solution, we have worked out multiple options that enable you to receive the required roof work while protecting the cash you have on hand. Below you’ll find these options!


Greensky is a Goldman Sachs company that specializes in providing payment programs for house projects. Click this link below and fill out the Home Improvement form to see how Greensky can assist you.
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Hearth works for you by taking your project information and working directly with multiple partners to provide the ideal program that fits your needs. Want the lowest monthly payment? Want the longest term? The choice is yours as you look through the various options through Hearth. Click below to fill out Hearth’s form and see what options are available to you.
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We work with local solar installers to provide this unique option for you to get your roof replaced with no upfront costs. We do this by adding the new roof into your solar project. Homeowners that go this route get the tax benefits of going solar applied to their roof purchase while enjoying the environmental and money saving benefits that solar systems provide. Click below and fill out a form so a member of our team can answer your questions as you explore this popular option.
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