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Our Experience With Solar

Our previous experience in the solar industry running account management and operations has given us a unique perspective into the needs of both the solar customer as well as the solar installer when a roof is included into a solar project. As we managed the solar project we saw what we liked and disliked about the experience we received from the roofing companies performing the work. As we continue to build Rova Roofing we prioritize implementing processes to maximize the value we provide to the solar customer and solar installers alike. When solar consultants are in home presenting to interested homeowners, we turn around quick and accurate roof quotes. We provide confident and detailed communications to the homeowners and solar installer throughout the process. We understand the solar process and know what is an appropriate place for our role. These and many other considerations are worked into our systems so we provide the best experience to both the homeowner and the solar installer, ensuring no deals fall through and customers can enjoy a new roof that will hold up their solar systems for many years to come.

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Finance Roof Through Solar

When customers choose to go solar it is usually when they are tired of overpaying their utility companies, they want cleaner energy, or they want access to self-sustainable power. When a customer makes this choice they have the ability to wrap the cost of a new roof into their solar project. Homeowners that go this route get the tax benefits of going solar applied to their roof purchase while enjoying the environmental and money saving benefits that solar systems provide. 

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If you are a solar company looking to work with a roofing partner, our team who provides quotes and customer service has many years of experience in the solar industry so we know how to navigate with solar and roofing customers with the quick quotes and very competitive prices. In return, we provide leads for your solar company so that both parties feel like there is more value to work with us. If you want to learn more about our solar lead program or Rova’s experience please fill out the vendor form.
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If you find you have roof leaks under areas where solar panels are installed, we work directly with local solar installers to remove your solar panels while roof work is being performed. Once the work is complete, the solar  technicians will reinstall your panels so you can enjoy

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